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  • Maintenance

    Thanks to their careful and durable finish, Tremblay Mills are easy to maintain: simply clean the wood and the base of the mill with a damp cloth.

    Avoid using water. It tends to damage the blades and cause rust. And above all, never try to wash your mill in the dishwasher!

    I want to know more about the mechanism and its maintenance.

  • Tips and tricks

    Do you feel your mill is not working as smoothly as it used to? Empty it completely and fill it with a few grains of dry (uncooked) rice. Mold the rice and voilà!

    Your mechanism is now clean, like new!

  • Filling

    Unscrew the screw on top, remove it, and take off the handle.

    Use the funnel we sent you (or another funnel and patience…) and fill your mill with pepper or salt (the mechanisms are not the same so make sure you fill the right mill).

    Don’t forget to leave some space to reinsert the handle.

    Replace the handle and tighten the screw. And voilà!

  • Adjustment

    Turn the screw on top of your mill clockwise (tighter) for a finer grind or counterclockwise (looser) for a coarser grind.

  • Warranty

    Peppermill Tremblay offers a lifetime warranty on their Professional Series salt and pepper mechanisms.

  • Materials

    Wood and stainless steel for the pepper mills.

    Wood and ceramic for the salt mills.

  • Origins

    The entire collection of Perppermill Tremblay is manufactured in our Val-des-Sources workshop, in Estrie.

    The wood species come from Quebec suppliers and importers.

    The mechanisms are manufactured for Perppermill Tremblay Chef Specialties a company located in the United States.

  • More on using your Tremblay Mills

    To obtain the desired grind, simply tighten the screw (fine grind) or loosen it (coarse grind). The colour of the wood can change if exposed to the sun.

    Never leave your mill near a heat source.

    Do not immerse your mill in water.

    Use good quality peppers. Pink pepper and juniper berries, for example, will erode the mechanism and prevent it from working properly.