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Peppermill Tremblay: A Story of Friendship

“Their elegance is only the beginning of the story.”

Today, Mélanie and François make by hand the same salt and pepper mills that Sylvain Tremblay himself imagined and created. In their small workshop in Estrie, they work hard to revive the art of their departed friend, surrounded by the same smell of fresh wood.

Sylvain was a wood lover, raised by a man who shared the same passion. When he left us, thousands of salt and pepper mills were already adorning tables around the world. But his art was not ready to disappear. Because two friends were ready to take up the torch. And because Sylvain focused on the quality and sturdiness of his products: products that will continue to adorn our tables for decades to come.

Each of our art objects is a tribute to the incredible work of an artist who has left his mark on the world of fine crafts in Quebec. And they are just waiting for your table.


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Sylvain Tremblay passed away on June 2, 2019.

Sylvain and François, May 12, 2019

  François and Mélanie


Awards and Distinctions

The Work of a Lifetime

  • McAuslan Plein-Art Award of Excellence, 2007
  • Award for the Spring Chicken Pepper Mill, Toronto’s “One of a Kind Show,” 2007
  • Award for the Cracked Egg Pepper Mill, Toronto’s “One of a Kind Show,” 2004
  • Guinness World Record in 2004 for the largest pepper mill in the world, with a height of over 3.4 meters (11 ft 6 in) and weighing 148 kg (325 lb). The pepper mill is on display at the Via Allegro restaurant in Toronto.
  • Gold Award Excellence in Craft from the “Circle Craft Show” in Vancouver, 2002
  • Best Use of Colour Award, Toronto’s “One of a Kind Show,” 2001
  • Innovation Award for the Banskia Mill, Salon des métiers d’art de Montréal, 1998
  • Mention of excellence for the Vis-à-Vis Chair, Montreal International Interior Design Show, 1995


Peppermill Tremblay would also like to thank the SODEC and the SDAC for their financial support.

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