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Unique, handmade Salt and Pepper Mills

Fine art objects

to bring to the table

A true love of wood and a passion for a job well done since 1995.

Tremblay Mills are not the only salt and pepper shakers on the market. But they are the only ones designed by Sylvain, cabinetmaker and artist emeritus. And since he left us, they are the only ones made piece by piece by Mélanie and François, in a small workshop in Estrie. And like the wood grain in them, each mill is unique … and deeply personal.

They liked us

These beautiful works of art are made with a lot of love and creativity! Their quality mechanisms ensure good use and a great reliability. These mills are elegant, refined, and they do not fail to arouse curiosity and admiration. We are delighted and proud to own a few. Continue to amaze and seduce us with the diversity, originality, and quality of your products. We wish you every success Perppermill Tremblay!

France Proulx-Prince

More than 10 years ago, I offered this beautiful piece to my precious little mother who, unfortunately, left us too soon. The only item I wanted to keep was this famous pepper mill that she was particularly fond of. Today, it feels like she is with us at every meal. This is my heritage. Thank you.

Sylvie Ouellet

A Tremblay pepper mill is made of noble woods, many hours of work, a top quality grinding mechanism, and, above all, an immeasurable amount of passion and know-how. How can we express all the richness and quality of each piece of Peppermill Tremblay? This is the challenge we have taken up in our visual identity, our packaging, our personalized mailings to companies, and our press relations.