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Mechanism and maintenance

Robust and durable mills

Des moulins robustes et durables

All Tremblay mills are equipped with a high-quality mechanism, the same as in mills designed for kitchen professionals.

The Professional Series® mechanism is made of durable stainless steel and has been recognized as the best in the world by Good Housekeeping and Cook’s illustrated magazines, Le Cordon Bleu Paris, and the American Culinary Institute.

What makes this mechanism so different? The strength of its spring, which prevents the grinder from loosening with use and ensures a uniform grind every time. This quality spring also prevents the button from loosening and coming off the mill. Finally, the Professional Series® mechanism features the most durable metal plate in the industry, secured with screws and guaranteed for life.

Tremblay’s pepper-and-salt mills feature an easy-to-adjust knob and an adjustable grind indicator for fine or coarse grinding.

With a Perppermill Tremblay, you can add a touch of fantasy to your kitchen and boast of using a tool worthy of the greatest chefs.


For pepper … and much more

"The Chef's Professional Series® stainless steel mechanism has been recognized as the best in the world." 

The pepper mechanism is designed to grind black pepper, white pepper, or green pepper, but also spices whose seeds are of a size equivalent to those of pepper, or a little smaller.

With a Tremblay Mill, you can grind fresh cardamom, fragrant caraway, coriander, or cumin and enjoy the aromas that come from freshly ground spices. You can also grind sumac, or fennel or mustard seeds and many other seasonings.

The Salt Mill: Also for Herbs

"A tension spring helps the frinder stay in place despite wea. It ensures a complete grinding with each use."

The ceramic mechanism for salt is suitable for all types of salt, which must be well dried before being ground. You can also grind dried herbs (oregano, rosemary, thyme…) and flax seeds.

However, it is important never to put pink peppercorns or juniper berries in the grinder: their grains are too soft and may clog or damage the grinding mechanism.

Your Kitchen Essentials

"Easy grip handle with a grinder indicator, adjustable for fine or coarse pepper. The spring prevents the handle from loosening and eventually getting lost."

In a well-equipped kitchen, we generally recommend two pepper mills (for the black and white varieties) and a salt mill.

Three Formats, One Quality: the Best

"The most durable metal plate in the field is secured with screws."

Our mills are available in three sizes: 10 cm (4 in), 15 cm (6 in) et 25 cm (10 in). Special orders are also available: 45 cm (18 in) and 105 cm (42 in).